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Caring For Flowers

Wake up and smell the Roses. Some useful tips to improve the vase life of Roses. They come in all different shapes, head sizes, lengths and colours and they are all unique. From an Avalanche, a large headed White Rose to a Vendela a beautiful small headed Cream Rose often used for Wedding work. (Seen below)

White Rose hand tie

Where do they come from? Well the majority of the Roses we buy in the UK come from Colombia Ecuador Kenya and a few European countries including the UK.

How can I keep them fresh for longer? Ways to improve the vaselife of a Rose is quite simple. When you receive your roses or any flower for that matter YOU MUST cut an inch off the stems at a 45 degree angle and put them in a vase of cool lukewarm water NOT cold. Make sure the vase is completely clean. Change the water every other day Washing the vase with soapy water to ensure any bacteria is washed away. Keep the Flower away from heat. This includes radiators, fires, Windows which are in direct sunlight and the kitchen.

Ssshhh don't tell anybody

My Trade secret place a sterilizing tablet in the water to keep it clean and bacteria free. (My insider tip) available from Well hall Florist

Why don't they have a perfume? Growers are breeding Roses for their beauty and longevity This means they have substituted the perfume for vase life. Don't expect too much. Roses are beautiful flowers, however unlike other flowers they do not last as long. Follow the My rules of care to improve the lifespan of your beautiful flowers, sit back admire and enjoy.

Well Hall Florist

Key facts

  • Cut an inch off the stems at a 45 degree angle

  • Place in Warm/lukewarm water

  • Keep away from heat sources

  • Change water regularly

  • Pop in a sterilizing tab to keep the water clean.

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